No Envies! Learn to How Do Certain Hairstyles

When Cynthia hit her first prom, she won hearts and admirations alike. Her elegant hairstyle added an altogether new dimension to her personality, and made her look ravishingly gorgeous. What excited Cynthia most was her maiden success on doing her own hair. She had all her apprehensions, but did her homework perfectly well. And, thus walked away with the honors…

More hairstyles

And don’t forget the weather-when it’s hot and sultry, you hardly can resist a breezy and wavy hairstyle, to have the feel of the cool waves and the surf lapping up the shores. The latest trends this summer were wave hairstyles, made all naturally, without perms. The Braid Waves, the Pin Curl Waves, the Big Hair and Soft Waves stole the show. Wet your hair, and create loosely woven braids all over your head, and then let them air dry. Now, when you remove the braids, gently rake through the waves, instead of brushing them out, and arrange your hair with your fingers. A light hair spray can give you a dazzling finish. Other summer favorites are the pixie tails and shag cuts.

Timeless beauty

Then, there are the celebrity hairstyles, and the Hollywood stuff, which simply drive you crazy. Whether it is the classic glamour, or the outrageously trendy, the temptation to imitate these famous hairstyles is simply irresistible. Think the Harlow-Esque hairstyle, after the legendary Jean Harlow. You can work your air-dried tresses with a 1” flat iron to smooth out the top, and create those fabulous s-shaped waves down. This cast of curls on your shapely bob can recreate in you the mane of the heart-throbbing Jean.

Celebrity inspiration

Remember those dark brown tresses of His Girl Friday repute Rosalind Russell? Work through your hair in sections, using the 1” iron, smoothing the hair shaft molding the curls, and placing duckbill hair clips to keep the long strands in place. On cooling, these superb hair spirals, spread over your shoulders and back like ringlets, can create a sensational appeal. The Celebrity hairstyles list is long and unending with Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Ashley Tisdale and similar hairstyles always doing their rounds.

The Sedu and Solia hairstyles are also very contemporary. Both go well with long and short hair, and can suit all occasions, from proms to corporate boardrooms. You can straighten hair, or create waves and curls, depending on your choice using a flat iron. But, before that, you must wash your hair thoroughly and clean it of all dust, oil or hair treatment products and condition your hair. Air-dry your hair, and then use the hot iron style straightener on 2” hair sections, and work down from the roots to straighten the hair. Follow it with some hairspray.

Don’t envy Cynthia. You too can do your own hairstyling and win a million hearts!

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