Spice Up Your Hair!

Katrina spends at least two hours everyday fixing her hair. Well, she starts by washing her hair and half-drying it with a towel for at least thirty minutes. The next half hour is spent blow-drying her hair to get the exact volume she wants. Then, how does she spend the next hour? Well, she ends up unsatisfied with her blow-drying, and so she sprays some water on her hair to get it flat and onto another hour of blow drying and restyling.

Young Professional Hairstyles

Well if you see Katrina in your mirror or you don’t want to end up like her, then you better brush up (pardon the pun!) on the latest hairstyles and hair techniques, which you can accomplish in a jiffy. There’s absolutely no need to spend hours to get that perfect hairstyle to go with your outfit for the day.

If you end up like Katrina everyday, then it may be a sign that you already have a tired hairstyle. The first solution to that dilemma would be to get a haircut that is easy to manage. But if you don’t want one, then evaluate why your hair is lackluster. You may need a little color to brighten up not only your hair but also your day!

Choosing a hairstyle

There are many choices. You may want to get those subtle highlights that add a sun-kissed sparkle to your tresses. Having black hair is great, but it can make you look mature. So add a shade of red or brown to provide contrast, and also to make you look young. Do consider your skin tone when choosing the right color for your hair.

When that is over and done with, then it will be very easy to fix your hair every day. Your hairstyle should match your personality and your fashion style. You may want to choose a hairstyle that looks good on your favorite movie star, but there is no guarantee you will end up with the same look. Remember that they have an array of hairstylists to keep their hairstyles in shape for hours. And this is primarily the problem that you want to get away with—styling your hair for hours!

If you have medium or long hair and you don’t want all the fuss, then the sedu hairstyle will work for you. There are inexpensive hair irons that can make your hair movie star-straight in minutes. Just half dry your hair after a bath and spend a few minutes with your hair irons and voila! You get the sedu straight hairstyle of J.Lo or Jennifer Aniston.

Know what you want

Want to look romantic for the night? Then go for curls. A setting lotion would be a big plus to achieve this look. Use big rollers when hair is half dry but still damp. You can use the rollers all over to create those big romantic curls that can aptly match your mood and your dress. Use a blow dryer to set the curls for a few minutes. Remove the rollers and finger-style your hair.

The classic look, however, is forever and classy. Long straight hair should be washed and dried. Comb it properly and let it flow naturally on your back. You can also curl some hair on the sides to serve as tendrils and create a romantic look. Or you can clasp your hair into a low ponytail with tendrils on the side.

Knowing the look you want to achieve will make hairstyling easier and more fun! You can finger-dry your hair or twirl it into curls. Whichever style you want would be great if you are comfortable in it. And best of all, you don’t have to spend hours and just end up messing up your hair instead.

You don’t have to end up like Katrina. After all, there is life beyond a bored and tired hairstyle!