How to Choose a Hairstyle

Charisse, a 30-year old public relations executive is at a loss how to choose the perfect hairstyle that would create an image of her as a young professional who is both fun loving and serious. Well, she’s not short of ideas, mind you, because ideas are her bread and butter. The problem is, she has lots of ideas and can’t seem to choose the right one.

Should she choose the hairstyle being sported by Mandy Moore? Nah! Too fun-loving! Or, how about that hairstyle being sported by Angelina Jolie? Sophisticated, all right, but it can be time consuming to maintain that kind of hair. Any suggestions?

Like Charisse, most women have plenty of ideas for their hairstyles. However, the problem is how to choose the best hairstyle that will suit them and their careers or lifestyles. But, should you really be bound by rules when choosing your coif? If you are drop-dead gorgeous, then you can have the worst hairstyle, and still look good. Unluckily, only a few women (if there are any!) were born with that all-natural gorgeous look. For most of the female species, a little help is necessary.

Which hairstyle is right for you?

Consider the shape of your face. The hairstyle you want may look good on an oval shaped face (women with this facial shape are lucky because they can get away with any hairstyle!), but it can make your round face look even bigger and rounder than it already is. Perhaps, you can try a few layers that can soften up your features. If you have tantalizing eyes, then you can direct your bangs to that best feature. Tired of that long chin? Good bangs that go with a layered cut that is shoulder length will be nice.

Is time a luxury for you? Then choose a hairstyle that can be easily styled and does not require a lot of maintenance. Start with a good cut that can be easily primped, without you having to bear being late for work everyday. This will also eliminate bad hair days, which can definitely put you in a bad mood. Ask you beautician to cut your hair following its natural texture, so you don’t have to crimp, iron or whatever it is that needs to be done to make your hair presentable.

Hairstyles for your personality

Are you the sophisticated type? Then you can try the classic angle cut bob. It is not only easy to style but it does not go out of style and will always create that perfect sophisticated look for you. If you are always on the go, then long hair that can be easily placed in ponytails (when you’re in a hurry!), and which can be let down for special occasions is your best option.

If you are tired of that traditional cut which you have always had, then it’s time to be adventurous and experiment with different hairstyles. There is software or even Internet sites, which allow you to paste your face (well not literally of course!) to a certain hairstyle, which has caught your fancy. This way, you will be able to judge, fair and square, if you look good or a dud in your chosen hairstyle.

If you are young and spirited, then no one can stop you from getting that to-die-for hairstyle! Only the sky is the limit! And, your patience can give you the real results.